Brian Cardoza


About Brian I’m Brian Cardoza, an inspirational speaker, author, and artist.  I am the founder of The Broken Knee Club, a non-profit organization created to provide a safe haven for all sexes to comfortably speak out about their experience of childhood and adult sexual assault. In collaboration with others, I am building

Dr. Kat Smith


About Dr. Kat Smith Producer of #DrKatTV, Dr. Kat Smith, DHS, ACS, is a survivor, an Intimalogist™ (Certified Intimacy Expert), Author, TedX Speaker and international presenter.  She is certified by the American College of Sexology and formerly co-host of a syndicated morning radio show with ABC Radio Networks, Inc., Dr. Kat founded



About Victoria My name is Victoria and I grew up in Southern California, specifically Santa Paula, CA. I spent a time in community college and my interests ranged a bit. I changed my major from English, to Psychology, to Criminal Justice. I got my AA degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Life



About Violetta Hi I’m Violetta, I’m currently redefining the word “diva”  and I’m also a rockstar. Since the traumatic experiences of my past, I have overcome severe depression and have learned to love and trust myself.  I have overcome vocal dysfunction resulting from psychological trauma and am able to find joy in

Crystal P.


About Crystal I am Crystal P. 37 years old single mother of three beautiful teenagers. Native of Savannah, Ga. national author, culinary arts and nursing background . In school now continuing my education. I learned over time to love and believe in yourself. If you have a dream best thing to do



About Jaime   Hi I’m Jaime, I’m a Marketing Consultant and Copywriter and I am a Rockstar. Since my experience I learned I could survive anything and broke my limiting beliefs. Launched my career as a writer 2 weeks after the incident, created $135,000 in a single month a few years later, found

Misty Griffin


About Misty Hi, I'm Misty. Eight years after leaving the Amish I finally sat down and started typing my memoir Tears of the Silenced. I had spent those past eight years trying to forget my terrible childhood and the horrifying assault that had been the reason for my leaving the Amish church.

Dana Patton


About Dana I am a happily divorce single mom of 2 amazing adult daughters and the cutest grandson that has stolen my heart.  I grew up as a military kid.  So, it is only logical that I went into the Army.  I proudly served my country for 14 years.   I have

Vennie Kocsis


About Vennie Hi I’m Vennie, a survivor of sexual abuse and a survivor of the Sam Fife Move of God cult. I am the best-selling author of Cult Child, the radio hostess of Survivor Voices Show, airing each Sunday, a popular blogger and an artist.  You can explore all my work and