What People Are Saying about I AM A ROCKSTAR!!

Lindy, I am sooooo excited to be the 1st Male Rockstar!!!!With tears in my eyes I thank you.

There really is so much more in common between men and women than previously thought. Pain is pain …and is universal.

We are the ones that we have been waiting for and I thank you for enabling me to continue to share my story.

Keith Rennar Brennan, Read His Rockstar Story

“It is so overwhelmingly encouraging to know that my story is on another website besides my own.  That the hopes of my story inspiring someone else in their healing process.  ENCOURAGING!!!

After Lindy sent me the link, I saw the caption she put beside my picture.  I whale cried.  It became real to see my picture.  And it also hit me to the core to see that quote.  One of the things Lindy asked for was a letter to your younger self.  So that quote is something I wrote to the younger me.  And when I read it on the link it was the first time I began to believe it.  For a very long time, I thought people were blowing smoke to say that I was a strong woman.  Now, more importantly, I believe it.”

I searched for a long time for a safe space to share my story, so that I could turn something horrible into a positive way of helping others not feel alone. I Am A Rockstar is that platform and it’s incredible. It’s always challenging to recount events that hurt us, but Lindy and her website have provided a cathartic way for me to feel strong again and help others feel strong too! Thank you Lindy for creating this safe space for us to all reaffirm our strengths and not our weaknesses!!”

Melissa Gittelman, Read Her Rockstar Story

“I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the “I Am A Rockstar” website and honoured to be amongst such amazing women.  There is so much power in sharing our stories of survival and resilience, offering hope to others who may not see a way out of their darkness at the moment and all of our collective stories will speak for all those who cannot find their voice yet.”

Madeleine Black, Read Her Rockstar Story

“ Thank you so much, Lindy.  I really appreciate you taking the time to encourage me to do this.  It has been a crucial part of my healing process.  You are a brilliant healer and a wonderful friend. To be honest, I think I was procrastinating it because I knew it would be hard to write.  It was, but it was also very cathartic – as I’m sure you knew it would be! 🙂  Thank you for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.  I have also felt inspired by the strong, incredible women whose stories are already up on the site!  Wow.  Amazing.”

Rockstar Veronica, Read Her Rockstar Story

“Wow. The love story to my young self pulled something out of me that I didn’t know was there. First time I did that but it won’t be the last! With each story I write or when I tell my story, something new is discovered. What you’re doing is bringing even more healing to those who need it. Thank you!”

Keisha Christian, Read Her Rockstar Story

“It feels good to release my story into the universe. I hope it somehow helps even one woman. You are so amazing for creating and growing this platform. I can’t deny my fear in putting ALL of me/my story out there. Fear of retaliation, my own humiliation, etc. but if it helps one person find the courage to escape their situation sooner than I did, then it’s worth it. And, hopefully, I’ll gain strength and further healing from releasing my ‘secret’.”

“Your Rockstar page is fabulous! What a great resource. I love it!”

“Lindy, thank you for sharing these resources, as well as taking the time to come in and meet with us last week. It was such a pleasure to connect with you and learn more about I am a Rockstar, which we are thrilled to be able to share with our Voices Committee. Thank you for your own amazing work and willingness to offer support to our new project. I look forward to staying connected!”

“Thank you so much Lindy! I will share on my social media. It’s a beautiful website full of inspirational stories. I am thrilled to be a part of it!”

Suzanne Krauss, Author and Rockstar, Read Her Rockstar Story

“ “Wow! Your website looks great!! Such an amazing and inspiring mission! I’m honoured that you’d like to include me as a Rockstar!”

“What a wonderful and healing experience it was to write my story for I AM A ROCKSTAR. Lindy was a gifted guide in helping me along the way to get it written and posted. Being a part of this supportive online community is a superb way to counter the feelings of isolation and aloneness we survivors often experience.”

“Lindy, I read your site and the Rockstar stories every day. Literally, every day. I am not ready to talk about my story yet, but it means so much to me to be able to know that I am not alone. Thank you for this.”

Rockstar & Survivor of a recent Sexual Assault

“Lindy, I love what you are doing! I just shared your recent announcement post on my facebook fan page.  Please let me know how else I can help get the word out.”

“Your WEBSITE IS AMAZING!!! You are an inspiration. I find it so courageous that so many women are coming forward to share their stories. You’ve created a beautiful space for survivors to come together. Thank you!”

Anonymous Rockstar

“Omg! I’m totally in love with your rockstar website on so many different levels! Beautiful website and the wording, I will definitely be referring clients to it!”

Jill Drenth, LCSW

“I Am A Rockstar reminded me that although our stories may be unique, they all have similar themes. I am strengthened every time I share my story. I know that someone somewhere has been impacted. For that, I’m so grateful.”

“Lindy, I just took a look at your website and it’s wonderful. Thank you for providing this incredible resource to survivors! Thanks for the opportunity and introducing me to your incredible organization!”

“Lindy, your website is SO great! Great work!! We will share it widely!”

FaithTrust Institute

“Lindy, I’ve been meaning to tell you for quite some time, that I love the work you’re doing. I find you incredibly inspiring.”

Anonymous Rockstar

“Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your Rockstar project. I am humble and honored at the opportunity to share my story and experiences in a same environment and hopefully bringing healing to others.”

Memoirs of a Broken Woman, Read Her Rockstar Story

“Lindy, I ran across your website quite by accident.  I must tell you what a blessing it is and I am so excited about referring all my patients to that source for support and healing.

We are an outpatient and online substance use disorder treatment facility, and as you would know, most of our people suffer from childhood and later traumas.  So having you as a source to refer for reading is wonderful.  Thanks for such a great job.”

Dr. Fred J. Hansen, Ph.D., BCP, LPC, CEO & Clinical Director of Online Recovery