Listen Up!

We are not victims in distress, we are amazing and inspiring survivors, yes you! The ones that have suffered through immeasurable pain, heartbreak, childhood miseries, rape, abuse, sadness, loneliness… we are the ones that have learned to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, in order to learn our true strength.
YOU are the change agents of the world.

Now you might be saying, me? Yeah, right, I can hardly get through the day, what are you talking about…me? And it is to these beautiful souls, that I say from the bottom of my heart, it is to you that I dedicate my life to, and it is you that inspires me every day to continue my quest of empowering others to find their own strength through their amazing capacity to heal. And I will not stop until you know how amazing you are and how lucky the world is to have you in it.


Lindy Ariff, MSW, Founder of I Am A Rockstar


At I Am A Rockstar we unite and empower survivors of sexual trauma and relationship abuse to connect and share in the values of inspiration, hope, and healing.

We celebrate stories of resiliency and hope.

As a community we connect with our personal strengths and abilities to express love along our healing journey.

We are committed to addressing the needs and the feelings of loneliness, silence, and isolation that often accompanies survivors of sexual trauma & abuse.  To give survivors a voice to inspire others, and a safe place to find tools for self growth and healing.

We aim to provide a space for healing, resources for those in need, space for connection, and heart centered outreach for change.

Sexual trauma and relationship abuse is a real issue in today’s society. An issue that’s not being talked about enough.  And when it is being talked about, the strength and resiliency to survive isn’t being celebrated enough.  I Am A Rockstar is here to do just that.

At I AM A ROCKSTAR we celebrate healing and transformation.  Our rockstars are survivors who have survived life’s challenges, survived painful emotions, and found hope and inspiration to heal along the way.  We recognize that we wouldn’t be who we are today without these challenging life experiences, and we have found our true strength and resiliency in overcoming them.  Together we unite to inspire others to heal through supporting each other and sharing our stories and wisdom from our journey.

I AM A ROCKSTAR’s vision is to create a ripple of hope in the community through outreach and support for survivors of painful emotions and trauma to come together and support one another through the healing journey.  Together, we address the silence, loneliness, and isolation that often accompanies survivors, to let each other know that we are not alone.  We aim to give survivors a voice to inspire others, and a safe place for self exploration, growth, and healing.