The Founder: Lindy Ariff, LCSW

Lindy Ariff, LCSW is the founder of I AM A ROCKSTAR.  She is a survivor, a licensed clinical social worker, a writer, a counselor, and a Rockstar.

Professionally she has specialized in supporting clients in their journey of healing through trauma, specifically female survivors of sexual trauma. She has extensive training in trauma therapy and has worked as a trauma therapist in multiple drug and alcohol treatment centers as well as her own private therapy practice.  In doing this work, she helped many people heal from trauma, abuse, and difficult childhood and adult relationships and experiences to guide them on their path to recovery.

I AM A ROCKSTAR was created in her belief that no survivor should have to heal alone.

She is fully passionate and determined to let other survivors know that they are stronger, more resilient, and more beautiful because they have survived extraordinary circumstances. She brings a unique tone of empowerment and resiliency to this community.  She hopes to provide a safe space that promotes inspiration and empowerment.

With her trauma informed lens, she creates and curates all content on the Rockstar website. Combining her knowledge and passion for healing, she works to develop resources, clients workshops, and education for mental health providers to support their clients struggling with healing from sexual trauma and relationship abuse. Her time is spent developing the Rockstar program, outreach to survivors, providing workshops, and networking within the community.

Beyond my work with I AM A ROCKSTAR, I off a private counseling and coaching practice nationwide via the both the internet in my office located in Portland, Oregon!
Within my practice I use holistic, mind-body approaches including clinical hypnotherapy to alleviate the effects of trauma in both adolescents and adults. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s the Big-T trauma like an automobile accident or sexual assault; or the smaller-t traumas of childhood like neglect or disapproval. Smaller t-traumas often present with recurring feelings of shame, guilt, self-loathing, anxiety or depression without a clear cause.
Not only is clinical hypnotherapy used to process traumatic memories, it is also used to unlock persistent, unconscious self-limiting patterns and beliefs. I use a blend of techniques including strength based counseling techniques, trauma resolution therapy, guided imagery, meditations, inner child work, past life regression, mindfulness, and somatic energy work.

Wondering why I’m so passionate and committed to the work I do?

My Rockstar Story

It’s simple, I’ve been through it and survived and I believe you will too.