Beth Schulman


About Beth I’ve come a long way from where I started.  I was a very shy, insecure child.  I struggled in school academically and lived with constant worry.  My mother was negligent and emotionally unavailable and her boyfriend sexually abused both me and my older sister. Even after struggling in school, I



About Cristina My name is Cristina. I am the author of Secrets of a Broken Heart. The Exile Years, Spirit of Love and Life After Death. It is the only name that truly belongs to me, even though I have been someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, and someone’s mother. These are titles and

Beth Fehlbaum


About Beth From the time my high school sweetheart, Daniel, and I met and realized we were serious about each other, we vowed that when we married, we would do everything in our power to make sure that our children’s childhoods were not like our own. We haven’t been perfect, but after

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