About Yi Hi, I’m Yi. For my day job I work in customer service at an insurance company and over the years I have dabbled in a few different things in my hope to be a modern day renaissance woman. You could say my driving force is the pursuit of knowledge. I was

Tamieka Smith


About Tamieka Hello, I’m Tamieka a writer, self-published author, blogger, and editor that loves pushing dreamers to become doers of the world. I am a mother of two talented boys that are an absolute godsend. My education is in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. I love traveling and being



About Jules I am a first generation, queer, Latinx artist and designer currently living in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in Austin, Texas and I’ve been making art since I can remember. I am passionate about connecting and learning about people. One of my favorite vehicles to do this is through art.

Troy Jones


About Troy My name is Troy Jones and I am the founder and CEO of 108 Organization. I am also a consultant, life coach, social advocate, mentor, motivational speaker, author, producer, and a domestic violence survivor. For the last five years I have been determined to provide men from all walks of

Kristen Strong


About Kristen My name is Kristen and I am a survivor of domestic violence. I recently graduated with my master’s degree in neuroscience. However, over the last year my passion has shifted to domestic violence advocacy. I have started a blog #Speak (https://speak766.wordpress.com/) where I discuss my story and issues facing survivors

Kate Ranta


About Kate Since being shot by my ex-husband in 2012, I have turned my experience into truth to power. From my hospital bed, I vowed to tell my story publicly and out loud, to anyone who would listen. I wanted people to know what happened to me because it wasn’t my fault

Keisha Christian


About Keisha Hello! I’m Keisha, a domestic violence survivor, published author, proud foodie and newly crowned Rockstar! I am also a motivational speaker in the fight against domestic violence. My speaking engagements are rooted in my own personal experiences. My passion and purpose is to reach out to all those who are



About Meg I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and developed a passion for art and photography as a young adult, obtaining degrees in studio art and graphic design. Eventually, life brought me to Colorado where the perpetual sunshine nourishes me and the opportunities to commune with nature are abundant and ever