Project Description

About Violetta

Hi I’m Violetta, I’m currently redefining the word “diva”  and I’m also a rockstar.

Since the traumatic experiences of my past, I have overcome severe depression and have learned to love and trust myself.  I have overcome vocal dysfunction resulting from psychological trauma and am able to find joy in singing again. I have silenced the belittling words of past musical mentors who disrupted my healing journey and I have learned that I am a powerful force of nature.

My Story

When I was in middle school, I was sexually abused by my best friend’s older brother. For over a year, my life was centered around the abuse and he manipulated me into believing that he abused me because he loved me.  I remember him locking me in a closet so his father wouldn’t find me and I remember the fear sending shivers up and down my body.  I remember the feeling of freezing snow on my back as he abused me in the dead of winter in the dark woods and I remember not being able to feel my fingers.  There were so many memories of the abuse that haunted me for most of my young adulthood and brought me more pain than I could handle.  Eventually, he and his family moved away, but I was left with unbearable feelings of shame.

In high school, I began abusing drugs and alcohol and lived a reckless lifestyle. Despite the dark cloud that followed me throughout my life, I managed to find a love for music and singing that has guided me in the right direction towards personal healing. My gift and my need to express myself allowed me to push past the trauma, and when I was 22, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Masters Degree in Opera Performance.

I began my degree with high hopes and dreams, believing that I had finally left the past behind me, but instead, I began crumbling as a human being. I had to drop out of the opera my first semester because I began losing my voice and eventually I was pushed into the lowest place I’ve ever been. The repressed memories of my abuse began rising to the surface in a disturbing fashion that rendered me incapable of functioning in a competitive environment.  I had become a very fragile, devastated and lost human being.  To make matters worse, I was disparaged by the egotistical faculty at my university, and I had to fight for them to allow me to go back and finish my degree during the healing process.

The most difficult day of my life was when I realized I had to tell my mother about the abuse. I had begun feeling unsafe with my own thoughts and I knew I needed serious help. It broke her heart, but she was my strength during that time and helped me find the support that I needed. To this day I am forever grateful for her love and guidance.

My Healing Journey

The healing journey has been excruciatingly difficult. It has taken an unbelievable amount of  hard work and discipline to reprogram my mind into understanding that the abuse was not my fault. The process of learning to love myself, my body and my voice took time and patience, but the resilience I’ve developed through the process has served me in all areas of my life.

To this day, I’m in awe of what the human spirit can endure. I think there comes a point where you feel you no longer have strength for yourself, but somehow, you find that last bit of strength for all of the people you love and for those people you have yet to meet who are going to need your help in the future.  That thought is what motivated me every day and continues to motivate me throughout life.

It was difficult for me to accept that I was the only one who could pick up the pieces of my spirit and heal the damage. The anger, the pain and the reality that my dreams would be on hold was overwhelming, but I finally realize that through all of the suffering, I have been given a very special gift.  With help, I have turned my past into a blessing and have experienced more beauty through the healing process than I could’ve ever imagined. It has given me the intuition, wisdom and strength to help inspire many people in the future, and I’ve developed a profound emotional depth that I am learning to use in my singing.

Today, I feel more empowered than ever and am proud to say that when I think back on the traumatic memories of my past, the emotional pain has been replaced with an incredible feeling of strength. I am so deeply grateful for the radiant light that shines within me and keeps guiding me fearlessly through life. I have come so far and am finally enjoying each step as I establish myself as a singer and as a healer.

“You are going to inspire and heal others with your beautiful singing voice and you will be blessed with people who will believe in you, guide you and support you during your journey. Most importantly, you’re going to learn to believe in yourself.”

To My Younger Self

Sweet girl, you have a very special gift to share with the world.  

You are going to inspire and heal others with your beautiful singing voice and you will be blessed with people who will believe in you, guide you and support you during your journey. Most importantly, you’re going to learn to believe in yourself.   

You are brave and your passion for helping others will enable you to turn your pain into something meaningful. The world is filled with broken people who will make your healing journey more difficult, but your kind soul will recognize that they never truly healed themselves and you will move forward with grace. Yes, the world is filled with broken people, but it is also filled with those who are strong, inspiring and whole-hearted. If you are patient, you will find them.

Sweet girl, let your spirit shine brightly and you will see how the misfortunes of your past will be the driving force behind your greatness.