About Meg I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and developed a passion for art and photography as a young adult, obtaining degrees in studio art and graphic design. Eventually, life brought me to Colorado where the perpetual sunshine nourishes me and the opportunities to commune with nature are abundant and ever

Donna Jenson


About Donna On the personal side – I’m 70 years old. I’m a mother, grandmother and married to the man I’ve been with for thirty-three years. I grew up in the mid-west, lived for 25 years in Brooklyn, NY and now live in Western Massachusetts with my husband, Chug, and our dog

Suzanne Krauss


About Suzanne Nine years ago, between juggling work and motherhood, I began writing my story - unintentionally. In 2008 I was initially on a mission to write/document my mother’s story. It was an incredible labyrinth of a how a 1960’s east coast domestic housewife uprooted her family to become a Las Vegas

Madeleine Black


About Madeleine My name is Madeleine Black and I’m a 52 year old Londoner living in Glasgow, Scotland.  I’m married to Steven and have 3 girls who are one of my greatest achievements, especially as I nearly decided not to have children!  I work as Psychotherapist, public speaker and my memoir Unbroken



About Miranda I am a survivor of child sexual abuse who lost my family, but not myself. After two decades of struggles with my family of origin over their actions and attitudes about my recovery from sexual abuse, it became clear that I had to choose between their acceptance and my emotional

Emily Jacob


About Emily I’m Emily, a Rockstar, and I’m on a mission to support survivors in living more than a half-life, coping one day at a time, and to live instead a full and whole ReConnected Life. I have used my experience and the skills I developed in my recovery to create a

Ruby Usman


About Ruby Hi, I am Ruby. I am a Rockstar and also an Author, Speaker and Educator at Healing Wounds Together. I guess it was always meant to be that I dedicated myself to working hard – whether it was education, work, relationships, self discovery or healing. I feel that all of

Rachel Grant


About Rachel Grant I'm Rachel, a Rockstar, and a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach at Rachel Grant Coaching. I want to put a stop to survivors of abuse feeling broken, unfixable and absolutely frustrated because it seems nothing they do is helping. Honestly, it really pisses me off when survivors are not able to



About Becca Hi, I’m Becca and I’m a yoga instructor, holistic health coach and creator of Thorne Wellness. Here’s why I’m a rockstar! My Story I was raped when I was 14. It was a complete out of body experience, and a confusing night for