Anyone who has ever lived through it knows that emotional abuse is crazy making. A client of mine and beautiful poet offered to share her work on the site in hopes that it can a shine a light for a fellow survivor. To remind you that you are not alone, not crazy. You are beautiful and strong.


This feeling is driving me crazy. 

So crazy. 

I don’t 

I can’t 

I don’t know 

I don’t see

I can’t understand what’s standing in front of me 

This feeling has me questioning. 

This feeling has me questioning my faith. 

My absolute care. 

My absolute insanity. 

Am I just crazy?

So crazy that I can’t understand a simple equation like, 1+1! Or so crazy I can even assure myself that A.B.C is the start of the alphabet. 

It’s crazy. So crazy 

My feet become my hands. My hands become my feet. 

I’m feeling so crazy. 

So CRAZY. Crazy, no longer feels so hazy. 

So crazy has become so normal. So caring. So abusive. So understanding. So anonymous. 

So pleasing. So discouraging. So helpful. So deceiving. So angry. So manipulating. 

So right. 

So good 

So joyful 

So great 

So needed. So needed. Oh it’s so needed. I need it. 

But you’re crazy. Oh so crazy. You can’t even see it. 

You’re just crazy. 

©KW 2019