The Veracity of Hope

People like to put the word ‘hope’ into an imaginary place. A place of dreams and wishes. A place that isn’t ‘real.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, could be further from the truth.

If hope is anything—it is the absolute inner truth of a human being’s capacity. It is the

It’s Not Easy Being a Grown Up

If you’re raising a teenager or can remember your own adolescence you know that it’s a time of profound growth, change, and vulnerability. It’s understandable that the mental health world is so focused on adolescent development and the potential trauma that teens experience as they attempt to navigate scary challenges-often without a safety net.

And yet,

Stop Shaming Survivors of Abuse

I am so beyond sick of hearing from the survivors that walk into my office that they have been diagnosed with personality disorders or told that they are codependent while trying to navigate through and beyond abusive relationships. 

Besides being an incorrect and shaming diagnosis, it can be extremely harmful to a survivor who is

Introduction to Emotion: The wild and wonderful weather of our internal world

Emotions.  The wild and wonderful weather of our internal world. Emotions pose that classic “you can’t live with ‘em and can’t live without ‘em” dilemma. Research has proven that we feel before we think—emotions are not only part of being human, they are a necessity for decision making and learning. And for everyone I

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