About Lindy Ariff

Lindy Ariff, LCSW is the founder of I AM A ROCKSTAR. She is a clinically trained social worker, certified hypnotherapist, and healing professional. She has nurtured and guided hundreds of clients in aligning mind, body, and soul. Visit her blog and connect with her at LindyAriff.com.

3 Tools to Help with Trauma Symptoms

Did you know that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is considered a trauma induced anxiety disorder? PTSD is also considered a normal reaction to abnormal events. That means you are normal, and your responses are normal responses to what happened, the event that happened is considered ‘abnormal.’ Statistically common events, unfortunately, but still

Stop Shaming Survivors of Abuse

I am so beyond sick of hearing from the survivors that walk into my office that they have been diagnosed with personality disorders or told that they are codependent while trying to navigate through and beyond abusive relationships. 

Besides being an incorrect and shaming diagnosis, it can be extremely harmful to a survivor who is

Can Spirituality Heal Anxiety?

Spirituality is something that has been important to me, as it has been a big part of my healing with anxiety.

Often people ask if mindfulness is spirituality, and the answer is: it depends on how you define it.  For me, spirituality means living your life for something greater than your thoughts and feelings. 

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