Wow, Rockstar, what a day. Can you believe the remarkable outpouring of “me too’s” My Facebook is filled with a sea of #MeToo.

So why do I still feel so alone in this? Why is this keeping me up waaaaay past my bedtime? What if I’m not alone in feeling this way?

On all days to feel this way, it may sound strange. Let me explain.

When I first opened my Facebook and saw the outpouring of #MeToo I was astounded, my friends and colleagues and everyone I know seemed to have experienced a sexual trauma in their life.

But then the more the day went on people began to clarify their #MeToo and it felt like everyone who was speaking up and clarifying their stories were centered around sexual harassment.

Which is really important to draw attention to because it is NOT OK that so many women have experienced this, it’s f’ing absurd.

I can think of more than one occasion where I have experienced sexual harassment, and I am sure you can too.

Once when I was walking down a dark street in Northern Guatemala a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I thought he was going to grab my purse but instead he grabbed me. And I surprised myself because instead of freezing, I was beyond pissed off and screamed my head off at him and sent him running down the street. So believe me, I am a huge advocate for the sexual assault awareness because there is absolutely no reason that our streets, our workplaces, our world is unsafe and we need to be talking about it.

As my day went on my excitement for #MeToo turned into…well… sadness and loneliness. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that my friends who have experienced sexual abuse did not feel comfortable sharing this part of themselves.

Of course we all share at our own pace, so please do not think this comment has anything to do with your own personal decision, my friend, I respect wherever you are on this healing journey. I am just thinking that there has to be other people out there that feel alone in this. That need to know I am a survivor and #MeToo.

That’s when I knew I needed to share my story. So today I moved beyond my own discomfort and I shared my story of surviving sexual trauma and relationship abuse with my community.

And, Rockstar, I’m going to keep sharing my story, until each and every woman out there who has also been through this knows that they are not alone. That we are stronger and more resilient because we survived. That #IAMAROCKSTAR.

The thought of someone hurting or feeling lonely in a sea of #MeToo’s is too much for me to bear. We stand together and we heal together.

I humbly ask you to consider sharing on your social media, and/or consider telling telling your therapist, your clergy, your doctor, your professor about this so that they may tell others who are struggling to heal about this amazing resource that we together we have created.

Thank you.

Warm wishes,


Lindy Ariff, LCSW is the founder of I AM A ROCKSTAR. She is a Rockstar, a clinically trained social worker, certified hypnotherapist, and healing professional. She has nurtured and guided hundreds of clients in aligning mind, body, and soul. You can connect with her on the Contact page on I AM A ROCKSTAR.  She sees clients both in her office in Portland, OR and online. If you are interested in working with her or learning more about her work, visit her blog and connect with her at