About Troy

My name is Troy Jones and I am the founder and CEO of 108 Organization. I am also a consultant, life coach, social advocate, mentor, motivational speaker, author, producer, and a domestic violence survivor. For the last five years I have been determined to provide men from all walks of life with the resources to identify, obtain, and maintain a healthy relationship.

In addition to 108, I have a talk show that airs weekly on Facebook and I have a weekly men’s support group based out of Baltimore on 108 Organization. The B6 Men’s support Group was designed to represent a population that has yet to be supported, male victims of all forms of abuse including domestic violence, and street violence.

My Story

For 25 years, I have worked in the human service field assisting people from various walks of life, ages and socio economic backgrounds. During this time I have seen how neglect and abuse takes a toll on individuals, love ones and the communities. However although I worked closely with families that were in crisis, I was unable acknowledge my own abuse.

I was in an abusive relationship for over ten years before I was able to identify and come to terms with the truth. It was extremely confusing because there wasn’t any physical abuse, but the world had taught me that words shouldn’t hurt, real men don’t leave their women, and that a happy wife would provide a happy life. But nothing was working and my body and health started to fail.

It took one doctors visit to change my life; my doctor told me I had less than a year to live and that’s when I knew I had to make some serious changes. I was in a psychological abusive marriage and it was literally killing me so I could either make some very hard decisions or die. I finally decided to get out and it was one on the hardest decisions I have ever made because it cost me everything. I lost my home, belongings, friends, respect in my community, and it damaged my children.

I quickly learned that there are a small number of national organizations that support male victims of abuse yet their primary focus is on male victims of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault. I could not find any organization that represented or supported male victims of domestic violence. I was alone, angry, and confused with no one or nowhere to go for support.

My Healing Journey

During the course of my marriage I started journaling as a means of correcting and monitoring my mental wellbeing. After leaving that relationship those three journals played a major role in my recovery. While reading over years of information I begin to see my resiliency, determination, grit but most importantly how much I loved God.

I remember praying and telling God that I did not want another man to feel as alone or broken as I had felt and if he gave me a chance I would do everything I could to help men and their families to have healthier relationships. I firmly believe that while we have several programs that provide aid and assistances for women and children, fewer programs are available for men, and considerable less are geared to helping either group to establish healthy relationships, spiritual growth, and mental stability.

In an effort not to exclude anyone from having a healthy relationship I created 108 to empower men, women, and their families holistically with the tools necessary to identify and maintain healthy relationships spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially. God has restored me and given me an opportunity and I refuse to waste it.

“Let me share this with you- I want you to know that no matter what society tells you, media, old heads, beautiful women, etc. you are not responsible for someone’s happiness…They are.

To My Younger Self

Hey Troy it’s you! I want you to know that you made it buddy and I am so proud of you. You didn’t waver, you didn’t quit, and you never stop believing that God had something better for you.

But let me share this with you big guy, I want you to know that no matter what society tells you, media, old heads, beautiful women, etc. you are not responsible for someone’s happiness..They are!

Unfortunately this world believes that men are resilient as long as we have a great job, money, sex, and beautiful women. So learning how to identify and articulate your emotions beyond those physicals ones were a challenge, but you did it. Not only did you do it for yourself you created an organization that’s helping others to do the same.

So Troy here are a few things I want you to remember; your gifts were meant to be shared, always keep God first, your integrity defines your character, wisdom comes by of praying, reading, and questioning, but most importantly buddy you found the purpose God created you for and not many people can say that… I love you so much Troy and God is giving back everything plus extra! Just don’t waver.