About Cristina

My name is Cristina. I am the author of Secrets of a Broken Heart. The Exile Years, Spirit of Love and Life After Death. It is the only name that truly belongs to me, even though I have been someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, and someone’s mother. These are titles and not who I truly am. You see, I was born an illegitimate child, I was given away at birth and the only thing that truly belongs to me and is mine, is the name “Cristina”.

I am an Adult-Incest-Survivor-Author-Advocate and the Founder of Cristina’s House of Hope.

My Story

I never remembered my childhood horror until later in life, now I know that I was nine years of age when the photo of me pregnant was taken, born into an incest family cult of child rape, sibling sexual abuse and inbreeding that goes back many generations.

My Healing Journey

The first steps I took to change the course of my life, left me a misfit, abandoned by friends and family, lost and alone in our modern society.

For me, living through the pits of my own disbelief and despair in unravelling my past, then followed years of counseling, while recovering from revisiting my childhood horror. And because of what was not there when I first started my inner journey of healing many years ago, on this road less travelled, so the idea of Cristina’s House of Hope was born.

We all start with an idea, then the work follows. I want to be actively involved in doing something constructive about filling in the gap in support for others, by raising funds for a safe house for women and children in crisis from sexual abuse and most importantly, to raise awareness of the plight of the multitude in crisis.

I know a little of what it is like to stay trapped in a lifeless lifestyle, hiding my internal pain. From this, my own childhood horror survival, and the Life After Death, I myself lived as the adult-child, Cristina’s House of Hope evolved.

Cristina’s House of Hope has evolved from the life lessons I have learned to now, which provide me with a solid foundation to draw energy, motivation and direction to then support others who need the services that are not currently provided in the current structures in our communities.

For me it has become a job to bring these issues on childhood sexual abuse out into the open. I thought to now that writing and publishing these books, talking openly to people about sexual abuse on children, then getting these self published books out there into the libraries, was enough for my part. It’s never enough! It’s a constant battle to free us from the enslaved mentality of the past, even though it’s an individual journey for everyone to get out of prison. If we choose to look for answers within ourselves we will find ways out of our prison cell.

“Together united as one, in one voice- we heal each other.

To My Younger Self

When I found out that as a child, I promised myself that one-day I would tell the world what was done to me. I am Cristina, the nine year old girl who had a child, I promised myself as that child, that one day I would tell the world what was done to me. As the adult survivor, it was up to me to fulfill that promise for the child within, by saying to my younger self….

If I had a dream, I would want my dream to come true. If I had a hope, I would hope, forever this hope. I would hold the hope in my dream, for the dream gives me hope, and hope the dream. The dream is mine, and the hope is in God to help my dream.

Little girl, little one together united as one, in one voice we heal each other and open prison doors.