Stop Shaming Survivors of Abuse

I am so beyond sick of hearing from the survivors that walk into my office that they have been diagnosed with personality disorders or told that they are codependent while trying to navigate through and beyond abusive relationships. 

Besides being an incorrect and shaming diagnosis, it can be extremely harmful to a survivor who is

Life After Abuse: Don’t Judge Me

Life after abuse brings many obstacles and challenges.

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult things after abuse is dealing with the reactions of those you confide in. Whether you wish to confide in a few select people or you decide to confide in everyone you know, anticipating someone’s response can be terrifying.

It is impossible

Why You Keep Dating Jerks

Recently a number of clients have asked me about patterns they’ve noticed in their relationships. They keep dating the same “type” of person… and that type isn’t “thoughtful, kind, loving, and generous, with great communication skills.” What they’ve noticed is that try as they might to change the pattern, they keep dating jerks.

There are a

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