Breathe in Beauty: An Exercise for Healing from Trauma & Abuse

Here in the Pacific Northwest fall is here in all her glory.  Trees are changing into ballgown dresses of yellows, oranges and crimson reds. Some are adorned in tiny purple and red berries, it is stunningly beautiful.

The air is crisp and clean with smells of pine, earth and cedar.  At night it smells of wood burning fires mixed with fresh rain. It reminds me to breathe deeply, as I can’t help but to try to take it all in. 

Nature is special to me. There have been many times in my life where I felt bubbles of peace and excitement in the beauty of a redwood, the first rays of sunlight over a desert landscape, the perfect balance of sea and the sky, a silky night sky… 

In those special moments we are filled with special blend of peace and excitement. You know what I am talking about. You’ve been there, you’ve felt it.

I believe that in those special moments what we are becoming fully aware of is our own inner light.  That’s why it feels so good, so right when we get experience those special moments in nature.  

Our inner light, our soul light, can never be touched, hurt, or damaged in any way. I believe that this light is who we truly are, even though there are many times in life where our awareness is far from it. But just like the sun shines just as cloudy on a sunny day as it does on a cloudy day, it’s always there and always on. 

Our job is to remind ourselves of this beauty within. Our inner light. 

Breathe in Beauty:

  1. Imagine a time when you were outside in nature and saw something that was beyond beautiful. There have been many time but let’s just pick one.  
  2. As you imagine that place, remember all of the scents, sounds, and smells.
  3. Breathe in and imagine deeply inhaling this space, smelling the ocean breeze or the fresh pine, gently pause, savoring it, and then exhale gently through the mouth.  
  4. Journal your thoughts and feelings, how did you feel within during this exercise?!
  5. Put a photo of your special place as a background on your computer screen or phone to remind you of your inner light.
  6. Try Lisa Mitchell’s Inner Light Art Therapy Exercise.

Here is a worksheet to guide you through this experience.

I would love to hear about your special place, share below!

Lindy Ariff, LCSW is the founder of I AM A ROCKSTAR. She is a Rockstar, a clinically trained social worker, certified hypnotherapist, and healing professional. She has nurtured and guided hundreds of clients in aligning mind, body, and soul. You can connect with her on the Contact page on I AM A ROCKSTAR.  Visit her blog and connect with her at

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