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How Mindfulness Meditation Changed My Life

When I mention the idea of mindfulness meditation, of consciously sitting with ourselves and observing our own inner world, the usual response I receive is along the lines of: “I like that idea but I can’t do that, I can’t quiet my mind.” Mind racing anxiety plus the common trauma symptom of hypervigilence (aka feeling hyper alert which often leads to jumping at the slightest sound) and

When Your Rapist Goes to Jail

In case you do not know, please learn this: no harm inflicted upon you by another human being is your fault. You do not deserve it and you did nothing to deserve it. It does not reflect who you are; it is only a reflection of that persons lost and darkened soul. You are not nothing; you are everything, more than enough. You deserve love, kindness, respect

The Silver Space

We are all familiar with the space of uncertainty, where nothing is quite decided, it’s neither black nor white- it’s gray. This space is often uncomfortable and confusing. Our natural inclination is to make it stop as quickly as possible, make everything solid, fit in a box, make sense again. But what if we are supposed to truly live in this gray dynamic space? What if this

I’m here to call out the psychiatric diagnosis of victims of sexual abuse and violence.

It’s time to stop the practice of diagnosing humans with psychiatric labels and allow them to naturally experience distress, trauma and shock when they are abused and violated by another human being.  I want to share with you the moment I realised that enough was enough. In 2012, I took over a rape centre. The centre provided free counselling and group therapy for women, men and children

Embracing Fearlessness

It seems almost ironic that you can be perceived as a fearless warriors but still feel fearful and scared inside.  That we are Rockstars, even though sometimes we might not always feel worthy of such a title? A title that we have earned through our fearless struggle towards hope and healing. I struggle with this most days.  Part of me feels strong because of what I have overcome, and the

Dear Worry

Dear worry: We need to talk. I think I am finally ready to call it quits. No, this isn’t like the last hundred times when I pushed you away and then came running back to you when I couldn’t deal. This is for real this time. You’ve done nothing but bring me down and it is time for you to pack your things and go. I’ve clung on

Hello World!

Before I even begin, I want to take a moment to say thank you.  Thank you for finding your way here. Thank you for supporting and inspiring me every day. And thank you for your courage, because within that I’ve found mine. If you’ve already been on this journey with me for awhile, and you know who you are, thank you for all of the years of