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Use Art to Reconnect with Your Light

My friend and colleague, Courtney Armstrong is a Rapid Resolution Therapist and this post was inspired by working with her.  In Rapid Resolution Therapy they use a guided imagery process to reconnect to your "Higher Self" or "Inner Light." When working with trauma survivors she works to elicit a memory of a peak experience. She has the client embody that peak experience in a vibrant and visceral

“I know it’s irrational, but I can’t stop feeling this way.”

Do you ever feel nagging self-doubt or insecurity that you know is irrational, yet can’t seem to turn off? Often it is because we are still carrying around what I call a negative embodied belief that has inadvertently merged into our sense of self. For example, John was a 48-year-old man who was frustrated by an inexplicable apprehension he felt when disagreeing with his father. As I

Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Recently I was sitting in a Starbucks catching up on my e-mail when it became impossible not to overhear the conversation happening in such close proximity at the next table. A young couple was engaged in the seemingly benign task of deciding what kind of coffees to order. What grabbed my attention was the subtle but powerful way in which the husband continually dismissed his wife’s timid

How Rapid Resolution Therapy Helps Heal Trauma

Have you ever heard of Rapid Resolution Therapy? Probably not. Honestly, before I serendipitously landed in a training, I had never heard of it either.  Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is a strengths based, dynamic, clinical hypnotherapy approach that works specifically with the emotional mind. Dr. Connelly is the eccentric genius of a white haired man that pioneered Rapid Resolution Therapy.  He has a passion for healing and

Mountain Meditation: A Pillar of Hope

Today I offer you a mountain blessing and meditation to help light your way.  Mountain is fully aware that she can weather any storm that passes around her.  She is powerfully still, strong, gentle, fully aware of her own power.  She is deeply rooted to the ground below, for the earth rises on her gentle slopes. She is fully connected to heavens above as she reaches into

How EFT Helps in Releasing Trauma

This week we will be exploring a healing modality that mixes affirmations and acupressure points which help in releasing trauma. EFT (aka Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping) is an excellent tool to use to reduce anxiety or overwhelm of any type. Since PTSD and Traumatic stress are forms of anxiety disorders, EFT is highly effective with them. EFT uses 15 acupressure/ acupuncture points to change thought patterns,

How Art Therapy Helps Heal Trauma

Today we will be exploring how art therapy is affective at helping with processing trauma whether you have unresolved trauma or a diagnosis of PTSD. Art making and art therapy allow people to express themselves in new ways and find new meaning and possibility in the healing process. Check out these 4 ways that art therapy helps with trauma: 1. ART THERAPY ALLOWS A PERSON TO EVOKE POSITIVE

3 Tools to Help with Trauma Symptoms

Did you know that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is considered a trauma induced anxiety disorder? PTSD is also considered a normal reaction to abnormal events. That means you are normal, and your responses are normal responses to what happened, the event that happened is considered ‘abnormal.’ Statistically common events, unfortunately, but still ‘abnormal’ in our day to day world.  That means that trauma often shows up

Exploring Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a completely passive, quieting, deeply nourishing, and supportive practice of yoga using all sorts of props – bolsters, blankets, pillows, straps, yoga eggs, blocks, even chairs, and the wall. The practice requires no muscular effort at all; the purpose is to soften into the support of props. This way, the muscles can completely relax, release, and open. Your job, besides breathing, is to continually

Feeling Love

When I was 19, shortly after my date rape and subsequent abusive relationship I felt that that I could no longer feel my body.  I remember a specific moment when I good friend of mine gave me a hug and I jumped back and told him that I didn’t want to be touched, “please don’t hug me anymore.”  I think this was shocking for both of us