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It’s A Body Thing

There’s something the body does that reflects what the nervous system does – a reflex, in response to a trigger. I’d like to explore this with you. When a person encounters a trigger, the body


Enough. The dictionary defines it as “to the required degree, or extent”. What is the required degree though? The synonyms are varied, and mean different things, not the same thing, and synonyms are meant


DEAR ROCKSTAR WOMEN OF THE WORLD Listen Up! We are not damsels in distress, we are amazing and inspiring women, yes you! The ones that have suffered through immeasurable pain, heartbreak, childhood miseries, rape,

The Silver Space

We are all familiar with the space of uncertainty, where nothing is quite decided, it’s neither black nor white- it’s gray. This space is often uncomfortable and confusing. Our natural inclination is to make

Dear Worry

Dear worry: We need to talk. I think I am finally ready to call it quits. No, this isn’t like the last hundred times when I pushed you away and then came running back to

Feeling Love

When I was 19, shortly after my date rape and subsequent abusive relationship I felt that that I could no longer feel my body.  I remember a specific moment when I good friend of

Hello World!

Before I even begin, I want to take a moment to say thank you.  Thank you for finding your way here. Thank you for supporting and inspiring me every day. And thank you for your